How To Build a Strong Case Against Walmart

If you or a loved one has been injured at Walmart due to an employee’s negligence, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. However, to recover a monetary settlement, you must prove that the employers’ negligence caused your accident and injuries.

Expert Witnesses 

Make sure the slip and fall attorney your select uses experts who can use special tools to test the surface you slipped on scientifically. This evidence can provide further evidence of a property owner’s negligence. It may also be necessary for your attorneys to work with engineering, safety, and medical experts.

The Property Owner at Walmart Must Have Known About The Hazardous Condition

Suppose a property owner has “actual” or “constructive” notice of a dangerous condition they owe a legal duty to warn invitees and others who come on their premises. Often warning is not enough. Depending on the danger, the owner may be required to correct, mark off, and take all precautions necessary to make the premises safe. If the property owner is aware, there could be a legal obligation to use warning signs like wet floor signs, caution signs or provide other written or verbal warnings.

State and local building codes, industry standards, and regulations require that all surfaces meet minimum thresholds for “slip resistance.” Slip resistance is important for both wet and dry surfaces. The most common defense used by property owners is that the accident was caused by the injured person ignoring their surroundings. This argument attempts to shift blame to you rather than focusing on their negligence.

4 Important Aspects That You Must Prove In Your Accident Claim

Aside from this, to win an accident claim against Walmart, you should prove the same 4 aspects that you need to show in any negligence-based claim:

  1. Duty: Walmart had a duty to eliminate a specific risk.
  2. Breach of duty: They breached that duty by failing to remove it.
  3. Injury: You suffered considerable damage.
  4. Cause: Your injury was brought on by Walmart’s breach of duty.

Important Records To Collect After an Accident at Walmart

Medical Help

The most important item is your health and safety. Get medical attention if necessary. Seeking medical attention will often assist you later by being able to document your injuries. Again, the most important aspect is your safety.

Report It

As long as it does not impair your safety, make sure you report the accident. If you are at a business, make sure the manager makes a report and gives you a copy. 

Take Photos

If it can be done safely, document with pictures and video the precise location where you fell, including stairs, railings, ice patches, or any other condition contributing to the fall. Be sure to record the date and time of the accident.


Collect names, phone numbers, and addresses of any possible witnesses. This will help prove your version of events down the road.

Consider Calling an Attorney

If you consider legal action, you should contact a Walmart injury attorney who can guide you through the process. 


Slips, Trips & Falls Accident Claims Against Walmart

Slips, trips, and falls are the most common causes of accidents that occur at Walmart. Injuries resulting from these accidents vary greatly from case to case, although statistics published by the Health & Safety Executive show that 95% of serious slips result in broken bones. 

Injured at Walmart

In cases where you have been injured inside the property of Walmart, it is their responsibility to ensure an appropriate level of care to the customer.

If you tripped or, fell because a warning sign was missing or a spill on the floor, that shows a clear lapse in the supermarket’s duty of care.

It is also possible to make an accident claim for food poisoning, and to do this, you would need to be able to claim that the food was rancid and that it directly led to you developing food poisoning.

Who Is Responsible For The Accident?

Responsibility in these cases can vary depending on where the accident took place. Responsibility is easy to determine if, for example, the incident happened at Walmart.

If the incident occurs on a sidewalk, the responsibility still lies within the owners of Walmart.

Slips, trips, and falls can generally be divided into several categories. If any of the following apply to your case, you may have grounds to make a personal injury accident claim today against Walmart.

Tripped on a Sidewalk?

Sidewalks are maintained by the employees of Walmart, who have a duty to monitor and maintain the area clean of ice, snow, or other hazards.

If this duty has not been met; you have an excellent chance that an accident claim against Walmart will be successful.

However, you as an individual have a responsibility to take care and look where you are going. Your accident claim may be found unsuccessful if you are found to be at fault.

Injured on Welcome Mats?

Throughout the winter season, welcome mats end up being slippery when frozen.

After a slip and fall, it is crucial to take a photo of the scene. This can be your best option at winning the claim against Walmart.

Slipped While Shopping?

Walmart owners have a duty of responsibility towards the safety of customers. This generally entails making sure floors are clear of obstacles and any spills likely to cause an accident are cleaned immediately.

Staircases must be well lit to avoid a tripping hazard, with handrails placed to conform to planning regulations.

Slipped on Icy Ground or Snow?

In cases where you have sustained an injury from falling on ice or snow, to make a successful accident claim, you must be able to prove that your accident occurred because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence.

In the winter months, Walmart employees of a property are legally required to keep public areas free from hazards, including ice and snow.

Am I Eligible to Make an Accident Claim?

If you have suffered physically, emotionally, or financially from an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to make an accident claim today.

Contact a Walmart injury attorney that specializes in Walmart accident cases. Our attorneys have handled cases like these before and know how to fight for your rights as a shopper at Walmart. 


Were You Involved in an Accident at Walmart?

If you have been in an accident at Walmart and it was not your fault, and you have suffered an injury due to the accident, you could be able to make a claim and collect compensation.

Personal injury lawyers specialize in personal injury accident claims involving Walmart.

Common Causes of Accidents

Accidents that affect members of the public while shopping is commonly caused by:

  • Slipping on wet or messy floors that haven’t been cleaned up
  • Slipping on spills
  • Tripping up on product items left on the floor
  • Being hit by items coming off displays and shelves

Injuries resulting from accidents at Walmart typically include claims for broken bones, cuts, bruises, and concussions.

Public Liability 

If you have an accident at Walmart, you can sue and collect compensation from Walmart’s insurance company with the help of an attorney.

Accidents at Walmart can cause a variety of injuries which could lead to a personal injury claim.

If during your shopping trip you get injured due to the negligence of Walmart, you could make a personal injury compensation claim via Walmart’s insurance company. The owners and employees have a legal responsibility to make sure you are safe, as far as reasonably possible and practical, while you are shopping with them.

Walmart has to keep aisles clear from potential hazards and have a cleaning process to maintain them for health and safety reasons. Likewise, with displays and shelves, if a display is not arranged properly and products or packaging falls on you, and it is not your fault, you could be able to make a claim against Walmart.

Keep a Record

If you have been injured in an accident during a shopping trip at Walmart, you can help yourself by keeping a record of the incident and its aftermath.

  • Check that your accident is recorded in Walmart’s accident book.
  • Speak to witnesses and get their contact details.
  • Take photos of the area in which your accident happened and of what injured you.
  • Write to Walmart’s manager for the record.
  • Take photos of your injury if possible.
  • Report your accident to your doctor or your local A&E department and seek treatment.
  • Keep receipts for expenses, including health treatments and other costs.

Any of the above records will help your compensation claim.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

The level of compensation will depend partly on how serious your injury is and how much discomfort it causes. Obviously, injuries such as slipped disks and broken limbs are excruciating and impact the ability to work and conduct day-to-day life so you can expect a reasonable compensation payout. How the injury will affect you in later life will also be considered when determining how much settlement you will receive.

Of course, a personal injury attorney that specializes in Walmart cases will be glad to advise you on the average amount most Walmart clients receive, as well as prepare a claim for you.

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